Best Bath Pillows

Taking a bath at the end of a tough day is the perfect way to unwind, de-stress and forget about the outside world.

Even better if you’ve got some scented candles, a good book and a cup of tea (okay, we mean wine).

Unfortunately, baths simply aren’t designed to spend extended periods of time in. While some are certainly more comfortable than others, that hard ledge is notoriously unforgiving!

What you need is a good bath pillow! Here’s our top recommendations…

The Benefits of Bath Pillows

Taking a bath is a great way to ease sore muscles, but the pressure of a hard tub can often make things worse! Bath pillows will ease any pressure on your neck and spine, helping you to relax in the knowledge that there will be no more nasty neck ache!

Bath pillows will also just make your whole experience more comfortable and luxurious. Many pillows stop you from slipping and focus on supporting your whole body – if you have an uncomfortable bath, a larger pillow can totally transform your experience!


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1. Bath Haven Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion


The BathHaven bath pillow and spa cushion is all you need to totally change how you feel about baths. Give a shower-lover one of these, and they’ll be converted within minutes!

Essentially, this is a quilted, full-body bath cushion. It measures 50 inches long meaning it supports you everywhere from the neck and head down to the hips and tailbone – perfect for those of you with achy joints who need something more than just a pillow. It’s also lightweight and made with 3D air technology, cushioning your body against the hard surface of the bath.

The spa cushion fastens to the bath by eleven strong suction cups so you never need to worry about slipping. It also moulds to the shape of any bath, providing support and comfort in even the most uncomfortable of tubs. Choose from deluxe or original and in either white or grey, get settled in and enjoy the feeling of pure comfort and warmth.


2. Viventive Luxury Spa Bath Pillow


The Viventive Luxury spa bath pillow has been designed with comfort, support and relaxation in mind, and on that it certainly delivers! This two-panel design provides more than enough support, gently cushioning your head, neck, shoulders and back to help ease any niggles and keep you comfortable in the bath.

The four extra-large suction cups ensure the pillow stays put on any surface and at any angle. The material is antibacterial, resistant to mould and mildew and it’s also very easy to clean, drying quickly and providing easy ventilation. Choose from a pack of one, two or four. While the Viventive is slightly more expensive than some others on our list, the care taken to find a comfortable design is obvious – this Viventive pillow really is luxury at its best.


3. IndulgeMe Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow


The IndulgeMe Harrison House luxurious bath pillow is another that ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort. Light, soft and supportive with a contoured shape to cradle your head, this bath pillow is the ultimate bathroom luxury. The mesh material is antibacterial and resistant to bacteria, drying quickly and allowing air to flow through it; protecting it against mould.

Like the Viventive, it is the shape of the IndulgeMe pillow that really caught our eye. The two-part shape offers the perfect amount of support and what this pillow lacks in size it more than makes up for in comfort. Finally, the pillow is durable, so much so that it comes with a 10-year no questions asked warranty. Oh, and it also comes with a free Konjac bath sponge, to help gently exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin – your baths will never be the same again.


4. Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow


The Gorilla Grip spa bath pillow is another great choice for those of you who want to get that relaxed spa feeling. This one has no less than seven suction cups, meaning there is no slippage so no danger of suddenly getting dunked! Choose from a 2-panel pillow, or for the ultimate luxury, the Premium Spa Pillow. You’ll pay more for the spa pillow, but in our opinion, it’s totally worth it.

The pillow is 4 inches thick, meaning there’s no hardness creeping through – only soft, padded foam to sink into. The pillow supports both your head and neck, moulding to the shape of the bath, but the selling points don’t stop there. This pillow is fast drying, antibacterial and machine washable. Finally, it comes with a free bath puff. Phew.


5. Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow


Last on our list of the best bath pillows, we’ve got the Epica luxury spa bath pillow, which is the cheapest of our picks by quite some margin! Don’t let the low-price fool you though, this pillow is luxury through and through, bringing warm and comforting support to your neck, back and shoulders.

The two-inch-thick luxury foam provides a soft and stable base for you to rest your head, and the seven suction pads ensure that slipping simply isn’t a worry. The two-panel design fits virtually any size of tub, moulding to the shape of the bath while continuing to support your head and keep you comfortable. The material is resistant to mildew and antibacterial. Finally, Epica offer a 10-year comfort guarantee. For a low-cost pillow that by no means compromises on quality, the Epica bath pillow is an idea choice.