Best Knee Pillows

We all know the importance of good posture during the day, but many of us neglect it at night.

While yoga, Pilates and sitting up straighter can do wonders for your posture, long nights of sleeping in the wrong position can easily undo all your hard work.

That’s why it’s important to get a pillow that puts you in the right place automatically.

A knee pillow is a fantastic addition to your bed, helping to solve a variety of problems and providing relief for your joints and spine.

Here’s what we recommend…

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1. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

This memory foam wedge contour pillow by ComfiLife can help cure a whole number of aches and pains, suiting everyone from pregnant people to those with back, leg or hip pain. It’s made from premium high-density memory foam, making it durable and comfortable as it moulds itself to the shape of your body and slowly returns to shape over time.

The wedge shape makes it extremely versatile, fitting snuggly between your legs while you sleep, or under your arm as you prop yourself up to read. The shape naturally aligns your spine, back and legs, while also improving circulation and relieving pains. It also comes with a polyester cover which is both breathable and machine washable, fastened with a zip so it can be easily removed.

In terms of who this pillow is suitable for, the answer is pretty much anyone! The ergonomic, contoured shape means it can be used in a multitude of positions, including between your thighs, calves, under one leg or under your arm to prop yourself up. It’s firm and delivers great support all night.

Like most memory foam products, and indeed knee pillows in general, this pillow might take some getting used to. However, at such a great price and with a full money back guarantee, this ComfiLife pillow is the perfect pillow for anyone with hip, joint or knee pain, pregnancy- related sciatica, past injuries or even someone who just wants to improve their sleep position!


2. Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

Next up we’ve got the Cushy Form knee pillow, another in high quality memory foam and ideal for people with hip, knee and back pain. Another contour pillow, this Cushy Form is ergonomic and comfortable, slotting seamlessly between your knees to realign your spine during the night. Simply place the pillow between your knees and sleep on whichever side feels most comfortable.

Another ergonomic wedge-shaped design, this pillow works great as a knee spacer during pregnancy or after surgery, as well as for anyone who simply wants to improve their sleep quality and get rid of any aches and pains – including those with arthritis, headaches, bursitis sciatica and postural problems. So, pretty much anyone! It’s recommended by a whole host of experts including physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers.

While memory foam is often criticised for getting too hot, this pillow comes with a breathable, cotton case which can be removed for washing. Having said that, some sleepers have found this pillow to get warm during the night, but we think this’ll only be a problem if you are particularly sensitive to temperature.

Finally, this Cushy Form pillow comes with a free travel case, so you can be comfortable and supported wherever you are in the world. If you want something reliable, comfortable and good value, this Cushy Form pillow should be your go-to.


3.  Sweetylife Knee Pillow for Back Pain Sciatica Relief

A little more expensive than the Cushy Form but still at a great price for what you get, is this Sweetylife Knee Pillow. Another memory foam, wedge-shaped pillow, this knee pillow is one of our favourites thanks to its ergonomic shape, high quality foam and durability.

The material is premium, high density memory foam which provides long lasting comfort and stays firm much longer than other materials. The breathable zippered cover ensures the pillow stays cool all night, and is also machine-washable making the pillow much easier to clean and look after.

This Sweetylife knee pillow works in the same way as the ComfiLife and Cushy Form, slotting between your legs to neutralise and align your legs, hips and spine. Perfect for people with persisting hip or back problems, this pillow stays in place for any side sleeper. It helps to neutralise the body no matter where it is placed – whether that’s between the thighs, calves, under one calf or underneath one thigh. It’s perfect for pregnant people who often have trouble sleeping anyway, helping them to get a good quality sleep without aches and pains.

Not only that, Sweetylife claims this pillow can provide instant pain relief, as it eases tension on the joints so effectively. In terms of comfort, value and effectiveness, this Sweetylife knee pillow is a firm contender for our top spot. It ticks all the boxes and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. What more could we want?


4. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

The Everlasting Comfort memory foam knee pillow is another firm favourite, providing support and comfort at a great price. Another in that comfortable wedge shape, this Everlasting Comfort model has something a little extra. It’s attached to an adjustable and removable strap which can be used to hold the pillow in place between your legs – keeping your legs separated and yep, you guessed it, spine aligned. This adjustable strap means you can roll over in the night safe in the knowledge that the pillow will stay perfectly positioned between your knees, keeping you comfortable and supported all night.

The material, again, is a high quality 100% pure memory foam. This ensures it is firm enough to withstand the weight of your leg, while also making the pillow comfortable and malleable, softly bouncing back into place. It also has a removable, washable cover attached with a zipper.

This Everlasting Comfort pillow also comes with free memory foam earplugs which have an industry leading noise reduction rating of 33 to help you sleep even easier. Finally, the pillow has a lifetime replacement guarantee meaning if anything happens to it you will be sent a new one at no extra cost.


5. Abco Tech Knee Pillow

Last but definitely not least is the Abco Tech knee pillow which comes in a choice of either white or pink. It may be the cheapest on our list, but the Abco Tech knee pillow is a strong, durable, high quality pillow that gets the stamp of approval from us.

Another wedge-shaped design, this knee pillow is ideal for virtually everyone, from those with hip, back and knee pain to side sleepers or pregnant women. It promotes better spine alignment while reducing stress and strain on the spine, hips, lower back, knees and legs. It’ll also help increase circulation as the blood can flow freely around the body, and ease sore muscles and ligaments from exercise or overuse.

This is one of the only pillows on our list that is hypoallergenic which makes it the true winner in our books. The hypoallergenic material poses no risk of skin allergies, itching or irritation meaning you can sleep even easier. The memory foam is 100% visco-elastic, and the removable, washable cover makes it easy to clean and care for. This pillow is soft, comfortable and supportive without being too hard. It’s been highly recommended by therapists for those recovering from hip replacements or other surgeries, as elevating one leg during the night will speed up recovery while also keeping you comfortable.

Finally, Abco Tech offer a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee, although this pillow is so durable, comfortable and quite frankly, likeable, that we doubt you’ll be having any problems!


How Does a Knee Pillow Actually Work?

When you sleep on your side, your legs sink into the bed which narrows your hips and puts your spine into an awkward position. Knee cushions can be slotted in between your legs, elevating your top leg, widening your hips and aligning your spine.

The results of having your spine aligned throughout the night are quite surprising – improved circulation, improved sleep and increased immune system are just a few of the benefits you can expect to see from sleeping in a better position. Plus, with your new and improved quality of sleep, you are likely to experience decreased stress – finding it easier to get to sleep (and stay asleep!) at night.

Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers

Knee pillows suit side sleepers perfectly, easily slotting between their legs to help them have a comfortable, ache-free night’s sleep.

While sleeping on your side can be extremely comfortable, opting for this position regularly and without support can actually do more harm than good. If your pillow is too high, you will likely end up with neck pain, while the way your legs naturally sink down in a side sleeping position means that your spine is often not aligned. Sleeping with your spine crooked night after night will cause further problems down the line, and your quality of sleep is likely to suffer.

Side sleepers should invest in a knee pillow to realign their spine when they sleep. By propping the sleep pillow between their knees, side sleepers’ hips will be aligned, along with their spine and back. This will help to ease aches and pains, relieving pressure on the hips, back and neck. It’s also a lot more comfortable!

Knee Pillows for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common causes of disrupted sleep, and with hours on end spent behind a desk we can certainly see why! Often our pillow is to blame for a lot of our back pain, so changing to something more suited to your sleep position is a great place to start.

Knee pillows can also do wonders when it comes to helping with back pain. By elevating and supporting one leg, knee pillows promote proper sleeping positions, meaning you won’t spend all night with a wonky spine! From regularly sleeping with a knee pillow, people are likely to see a significant reduction in their back pain, as their spine remains neutral throughout the night.

Knee Pillows for Leg Pain

Just when you thought a knee pillow couldn’t possibly get any better, they can also help with leg pain! There’s a huge number of causes of leg pain with leg pain at night being a hugely common problem.

Restless leg syndrome is a condition in which your leg trembles or feels unpleasant while resting. This can lead to insomnia and stress – two things which can actually make the problem worse! Other common but nasty pains include nocturnal leg cramp or growing pains if you are younger.

A knee pillow is a great antidote to leg pain in the night, positioning your legs in the ideal position and keeping your spine straight. They will alleviate any stress on your knees, and if slotted between your legs, will prevent your legs from pressing onto each other and potentially making the problem worse. Knee pillows will also improve your circulation, helping to ease muscle tension and soreness that can come from excessive exercise or even an unexpectedly hilly morning walk!

Knee Pillows for Sciatica Relief

The sciatica nerve runs down the back of each leg, and can cause us huge problems if it is compressed or damaged. Sciatica is often characterised by constant pain in one side of the buttock or leg, pain when sitting, a tingling or burning leg pain, weakness or numbness in the feet and leg, or the feeling of pain radiating down the leg. It is a nasty experience that not only effects day to day life, but also the night time, as the sufferer is likely to have far more trouble getting a good quality night’s sleep if they are suffering with sciatica.

While symptoms of sciatica can range from mildly irritating to totally debilitating, permanent nerve damage is rare. And, contrary to many patients’ belief, sciatica is not a problem with the legs but instead originates in the lower back, something that can be massively helped by sleeping with a properly aligned spine. When placed between your legs, a good quality knee pillow will spread your hips, easing pressure on your lower back, both preventing and relieving sciatica.

Knee Pillows During Pregnancy

Getting enough sleep while pregnant can feel like a distant dream from the offset. Countless toilet trips, aches and pains, and hot flushes are just a few of the issues that can make sleeping well while pregnant difficult at best, totally impossible at worst!

Knee pillows are great for pregnant women, especially when the baby gets a little bigger and supporting yourself becomes more difficult.  Slotted between the calves or thighs, a high-quality memory foam knee pillow will mould to fit your shape, ensuring comfort while also aligning your spine and hips. Unsurprisingly, many hip and back problems stem from carrying the weight of a baby in your belly, and knee pillows are one of the best ways to increase comfort both at night and during the day.

Knee Pillows for Hip and Joint Pain

Whether you’ve run a few too many marathons or have always struggled with that one dodgy hip, chronic pain in the hips and joints is not fun. Knee pillows do a fantastic job at preventing hip and joint pain, as slotted between your knees they will elevate one leg and realign your hips. The knock-on effect of an elevated leg is relieved pressure all the way up to the top of the neck, reducing joint and muscle pain all around the body and helping set you up for a great night’s sleep.

Knee Pillows for Spine Alignment

We’ve already gone through many of the ways that knee pillows will ease aches, pains and help with pregnancy but what if you have none of these issues? Is it still worth it to get a knee pillow?

Well, just because you may have had a pain-free life so far, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to align your spine correctly. 8 hours a day, 7 days a week is a lot of time to be asleep for, and lying in the wrong position or with a misaligned spine is only asking for trouble. Those of you who simply want to ensure that your body stays in tip-top condition for as long as possible should certainly invest in a knee pillow. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Knee Pillow

Perhaps the most important quality when it comes to your knee pillow is that it’s comfortable. Compromising on comfort to get something slightly cheaper is a bad idea, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use it for a long period of time and it won’t improve your sleep quality. While a new pillow, especially slightly firmer ones, take a while to get used to, it’s important to ensure your knee pillow is comfortable enough for you to use night after night.

If, like most people, you plan to sleep with your knee pillow in between your thighs or calves, it’s important that your pillow stays in place. People generally move around while they sleep, changing positions and swapping sides. To make the most of your knee pillow it’s best that it stays in place all night. The shape and size will play a part in this, many are wedge shaped which stay in place, and some even have straps which you can attach to your knee. If you frequently wake up with your knee pillow on the other side of the bed, it might be worth going for a different size or shape.

All the knee pillows on this list are made from memory foam. The quality of the memory foam is something which should be factored in, as this material can get hot in the night. Buying a high-quality pillow which comes with a breathable, preferably cotton, pillowcase is one of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Investing in a knee pillow is, in our opinion, one of the best things you can do for your body and spine. It’s far harder to control our posture while we are asleep, and it’s all too easy to ignore aches and pains until they turn into something worse. Knee pillows will nip any sleep-related pain in the bud, aligning your spine and helping you be more comfortable and sleep better night after night.