Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping gets a bad rap, but many people prefer it.

Investing in the right pillow, or combination of pillows, can make a big difference for those who tend to snooze on their tummies.

We’ve hand-selected seven top-notch pillows ideal for those stomach-sleeping rebels.

One note to keep in mind: Flat is your friend.

That might sound strange, but fluffier pillows can cause an unnatural arch in the back, which could eventually lead to back pain.

So, trust us—in this case, opting for a thinner pillow is best.

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1. The Pancake Pillow


There’s no other way to put it—our first pick is simply ingenious and in my opinion, the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Appropriately named, the Pancake Pillow is completely customizable with six thin pillows stacked inside a luxurious cotton cover. Just add or remove layers for the perfect sleep experience. It’s no surprise that the reviews of this pillow are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the Pancake Pillow is perfect for any sleep position. Many Pancake Pillow fans have purchased a stack for everyone in the family.

Bonus: If you enjoy reading or watching television in bed, prop your head up with all six layers. Then, when it’s time to roll onto your tummy, remove layers to doze comfortably.

2. Elite Rest Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow


The creators of this pillow aren’t ashamed to admit that it might just be the thinnest pillow in the world. But don’t let that scare you—the Elite Rest Pillow is expertly designed with super soft memory foam. Not only will you get the flat sleep experience you need; the pillow will also conform to your noggin to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. Loyal customers report great Z’s due to the excellent support and comfort.

Bonus: This company stands by its products. If the Elite Rest Pillow isn’t the thinnest pillow you’ve ever slept on, you’ll get a full refund. You have literally nothing to lose.


3. Home Luxury Living Ultra Thin Memory Foam Pillow


If those thick, fluffy pillows aren’t doing you any favors, Home Luxury Living takes pride in offering a super-thin alternative. It molds to the head for perfect body alignment. The company encourages travelers to shun hotel pillows by taking the portable pillow on trips since it’s easy to tote around. The majority of reviewers give this option a perfect score; several reported decreased neck pain, thanks to the slim, supportive design.

Bonus: The Home Luxury Living pillow comes with two knitted fabric covers that are easily removable and can be thrown in the washing machine.


4. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Thin Memory Foam Pillow


This option from Bluewave Bedding is unique, with thin, cooling gel-infused memory foam and holes for increased air circulation. The pillow is approximately 2.5 inches thick, and has two different surfaces for a customized snooze. One side is completely flat; just flip it over, and you’ll find a rounded option.  Bluewave only uses top-of-the-line, hypoallergenic memory foam, and has tweaked the design for just the right amount of softness. Reviewers are baffled by how such a comfy, supportive pillow is almost perfectly flat.

Bonus: In addition to providing a luxurious pillow, Bluewave is intent on offering an easy-care product. They include a washable bamboo pillow cover with every purchase.


5. TruContour Thin Memory Foam Gel Pillow


When TruContour set out to create an ultra-thin pillow, they prioritized softness and comfort. At only 2.5 inches tall, the TruContour may not seem particularly inviting, but once you lay your head on this pillow, you’ll be hooked. And because the memory foam is medical-grade, you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Stomach sleepers love the perfect combination of comfort, support, and resilience.

Bonus: Not only does TruContour offer a 30-day money back guarantee; they will replace your pillow free of charge if anything should happen to it within the first year.

6. Elite Rest Thin Natural Latex Foam Pillow


If comfort is your priority, Elite Rest’s 100% natural latex pillow might just be for you. It has expertly-placed pinholes for breathability, and it’s only 2.75 inches high. This low-profile option has medium firmness, so it’s not too squishy and not too hard. It provides just enough softness and plenty of support. Reviewers rave that the breathable design keeps them cool all night long.

Bonus: Elite Rest includes a breathable cotton pillow cover with a zippered closure, and as an added bonus, the pillow fits into any standard-size case you may have at home.


7. Royal Siesta Super Slim Memory Foam Pillow


Intended for stomach and back sleepers, the Royal Siesta has two unique surfaces for even the pickiest of sleepers. The innovative two-edge design includes one side with rounded edges and one with flat, square edges. Plus, the antibacterial memory foam is completely hypoallergenic. Somehow the creators manages to pack in softness, comfort, and support into a 2.5 inch pillow. Users are impressed by the great quality at such an affordable price.

Bonus: Cleaning needn’t be a concern, as Royal Siesta includes a cotton/polyester cover for maximum breathability. Simply zip off the cover and throw it in the washing machine for super-easy care.


The Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach

While most sleep experts won’t recommend stomach sleeping, many of us don’t have the time or energy to test new sleep positions. And believe it or not, tummy time does have its perks! Stomach sleeping can decrease snoring, and even relieve sleep apnea symptoms.

Below are some helpful tips all stomach sleepers should know

  • Avoid Thick or Fluffy Pillows: No matter how inviting those huge, squishy pillows may seem, sleeping on one isn’t recommended for stomach sleepers. Opt for a thin pillow, like one of our favorites above.
  • Prop Your Pelvis: Some professionals recommend using an extra pillow under the pelvis to ensure the spine stays in a neutral position during sleep.
  • Stretch: When you wake up each morning, do a series of stretches to work out any kinks. Stomach sleeping can be hard on the neck, as it remains in the same position for several hours.
  • Check-In With Your Body: If you struggle with back or neck aches or pains even after switching to a thinner pillow, consider training your body to shift onto its side during sleep by using a body pillow to keep you from rolling over back onto your tummy.