8 Ridiculous Travel Pillows Taking the Market by Storm

Whether you’re in desperate need of a snooze at your desk or a catnap on a plane, you’ll need the perfect pillow to help you catch those Z’s.

Thankfully, travel pillows are a hot commodity right now. The market is thriving with innovative—and sometimes ridiculous—designs.

Here, Pillow Picker highlights eight over-the-top options you can pick up before your next siesta.

Face Cradle

Perfect for cradling your neck or face, the Face Cradle provides a cushiony pillow option perfect for overnight flights.  The U-shaped pillow adjusts to several comfort-promoting positions, allowing travelers to nap with their heads fully supported. The innovative “Table Nap Mode” lets sleep-deprived folks snooze on any flat surface.



Similar to the Face Cradle, the Lapnap features a U-shaped cushion that is portable and perfect for travel. This inventive design can be used like a traditional travel pillow; it also includes a removable body support system that enables travelers to rest while leaning forward.



You’ve probably never seen anything like the Ostrichpillow. If you enjoy being the center of attention, this pillow should be your pick! Snoozers can slip their heads and hands into a trio of holes and take an “immersive power nap.” Sleep in style at your desk with two classy colors: midnight grey and sleepy blue.

Nod 2.0


Zdoze is taking preorders for the Nod 2.0—a patent-pending system which mimics sleeping in bed while sitting. The cushion—which has adjustable cords to clip to a plane or car seat—can be worn on the forehead, under the chin, and even over the eyes.



If you’re in need of a nap and a bite to eat, the Xueyan inflatable Daydreamer face pillow and lunch break travel packsack/luggage clip may be right for you. The patented design offers “comfort in coach seating” and conceals your face while you rest. Simply lean your head forward into the inflatable cushion and enjoy a lunchtime doze.

Voyage Pillow


The Voyage Pillow is a great option if you prefer a discreet on-the-go pillow. The company’s Kickstarter campaign has been a wild success, likely due to the compact design and portability. Similar to a cowl, the Voyage can be worn around the neck. When it’s time to nap, simply pull up the built-in eye shade.

Dream with Me


Ali Express has officially sold out of the Ostrich Pillow Light—a wrap-around neck and head cushion. It may have an odd appearance, but this option appears to be rather cushy. This travel pillow alternative can be worn around the neck, covering the eyes, or even as a makeshift hat. Looking for a travel companion? This one will surely get you noticed.

Creative Neck Pillow – The Shrimp Variety


If you love seafood and sleep, Latinaric’s Creative Neck Pillow is a viable option. This design’s shape is similar to a traditional travel pillow, but it looks just like a giant shrimp. Who says you can’t take your own seafood on that upcoming flight?

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