How to Clean Your Memory Foam Pillow: A Step-By-Step Guide

There’s no greater comfort than climbing into a cozy bed and sinking into the perfect pillow. Pillows—like fine wine—tend to improve over time. The high-quality memory foam variety can last up to 3 years if properly taken care of. The problem is, many people don’t know how simple it is to clean their memory foam pillows, so they often replace them much too soon.

Follow the 5 easy steps below to extend the life of your favorite sleep companion—and also save you money. First, we’ll tell you how to clean a solid memory foam pillow, followed by advice on cleaning the shredded memory foam version.

Note: Most memory foam pillows only need to be deep cleaned once or twice a year and spot cleaned as needed. Because it’s naturally hypoallergenic, memory foam isn’t prone to bacteria like many other materials.

Cleaning Solid Memory Foam Pillows:

  1. Choose the Perfect Day

Opt to clean your pillow on a warm day to speed the drying process. Humidity is not your friend when it comes to materials that need to be air-dried. You’ll want to make sure your pillow is completely dry before use.

  1. Fill Your Sink or Bathtub

Next, you’ll want to fill your sink or bathtub with water, making sure the temperature is lukewarm. While the water is running, add a small amount of your favorite gentle detergent. A drop of a sleep-promoting essential oil can also be added, if you choose. Lavender and cedarwood are excellent options.

  1. Suds it Up

Now it’s time to give your pillow a bath. After completely submerging it in the water, squeeze it gently to distribute the detergent. Repeat this step one to two more times.

  1. Give it a Gentle Rinse

After it’s clean, remove your pillow from the water and gently squeeze out the moisture, being careful not to wring or twist the memory foam.

  1. Dry Time

It’s best to dry your pillow outdoors if the weather is agreeable. If not, place it in direct sunlight in an area with plenty of air movement. A ceiling or box fan can help speed up the process.

Cleaning Shredded Memory Foam Pillows:

The cleaning procedure for shredded memory foam pillows is similar to the solid variety, though it’s recommended that shredded memory foam only be washed when absolutely necessary. If possible, opt to spot clean the pillow using a damp cloth. If a bath is needed, it’s important to only wash shredded memory foam on a warm and breezy day. The pillow will dry quickly outdoors as it soaks in the sun’s rays.

Keeping Your Pillow in Tiptop Shape All Year Long

While it’s important to deep clean your pillow from time to time, the key to a long-lasting relationship is taking care of your memory foam on a regular basis. Pillows tend to absorb oils from our skin, dust, dirt, and other unpleasant bits. Slip on a breathable pillow cover under your pillowcase for extra protection. Your best bet is a cotton or linen option. Wash the cover at least monthly. And finally, if you’re not using the pillow, store it in a vacuum storage bag to keep it clear of mould, mildew and bacteria.

Follow the steps above to extend the life of your pillow and rest easy.

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